Troubleshooting the Clothes Cleaner: Washer & Dryer Repair Tips

Keeping your clothes clean is very important; it not only makes your wardrobe look fresh but also helps keep harmful germs away and maintain a good hygiene. Hence, ensuring that your washer and dryer are in good running condition is a must. Now, the problem comes when they start having operation issues. Here are some useful washer & dryer repair tips:

1. If the spinner on your washer or dryer won't turn.
In most cases, your machine may not be receiving enough power. This is usually caused by a faulty outlet. To fix this, simply plug the machine into a fully-working outlet. Sometimes, this problem can be caused by the overheating of machine, which is caused by overuse. Simply wait for the machine to cool down and try again. However, if the spinner fails to turn, seek the help of a technician. For more information about washer & dryer repair tips on spinners, click here.

2. If your dryer isn't producing heat.
This usually happens when the dryer isn't getting the right amount of air. So, you might want to put your dryer in a place with a good airflow. Also, it could happen when you put too much clothes on the dryer. With this said, go easy on your dryer. The worst case is when a heating element such as igniter or fuse is broken. This will require professional repairs. To learn more about this, visit this site.

3. If the washer doesn't drain.
Clogs on the washer hose are the usual culprits of this problem. You can remove clogs on the holes with either a flexible stick or a plumbing snake. The problem can also be caused by a malfunctioning water pump which will require replacement done by a technician.

Washing and drying your clothes need to be done regularly. So, you need to make sure your washer and dryer are always in good shape. To ensure this, washer & dryer repair and maintenance work should be done regularly.