Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Like New

Relatively small and mostly out of sight the garbage disposal is more a convenience than a necessity when compared to a washer, dryer or refrigerator, for residential use that is. Many people like this convenience, though. John W. Hammes invented the garbage disposer in 1927, nicknamed (The Electric Pig) because he wanted to make clean up in the kitchen easier for his wife. After several years improvement, he opened a company named In-Sink-Erator in Racine, Wisconsin, now a division of Emerson Electric. Garbage Disposal Repair

That being said, let's talk about maintaining and properly using this convenience innovation, but first, a word of caution. Do not stick your hands into unit even when off. Units are replaceable, fingers are not. Keep in mind that the use of a disposer is not recommended if you utilize septic tank systems as they will shorten the time between required pump outs and in some areas garbage disposals are not allowed on septic systems. 

Disposers are virtually maintenance free when used correctly. Avoid grease, bones, and grisly foods which could clog or jam your unit. Periodically pour ice cubes in your disposer, run the water and turn your unit on. This helps clean and maintain the edge on your chopping blades by removing build up. Afterward, cut a lemon putting the slices and a little baking soda in the unit to aid in the cleaning and deodorizing process. Garbage Disposal Repair Help

Should your unit become jammed check the underneath side for an opening designed for the insertion of a small Allen wrench, usually the ¼ inch in size? Insert the wrench and move it back and forth to dislodge the jam. If a wrench fitting is not available try using a wooden handle pushing against the blades in one direction then the other. Once the jam is freed use long nosed pliers to remove the object before turning the unit back on otherwise it may get jammed again. Garbage Disposal Services

In many cases, once a disposer jams it will trip a reset button (if provided). If the unit will not start and no humming is heard when power is applied, then look underneath for a red reset button. Press the button to reset. You should feel or hear a slight click when it resets. Garbage Disposal Repair Company