Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are great for getting rid of unpleasant leftovers, rotten food, and disposed wastes. 

Thank heavens for garbage disposals – Can you imagine what your back yard would look like, but for garbage disposals. Go online and search more of it on google to appreciate it’s mantle in our civilization!!

But what if, this Magical device quits working?

I assure you that you don’t have to worry, Read on to learn how to fix small problems relating Garbage disposal repair.

OK, before we learn our Garbage disposal repair lessons , I want you to take an oath that you will obey the fundamental rule of "Garbage Disposal Repair", which is you will never put your hand in the hopper!! (To know more, click here)

Ok, now let’s start the lessons:

Lession#1: Be Regular

Uniformly running your garbage disposal has the same effect which daily exercise have on your body. You should run your garbage disposal on a regular basis. Even if there is nothing to be done, just turn on the water and run it every few days to move the parts on every side. It will prevent it from getting freeze up, corrode, odors or clogs because of any leftovers.

Lession#2: Be Cool

Why be cool? Just because of the fact that Hot water will lead the waste to stick on the sides while washing, so it is best to use Cold water. Hot water is strictly NO-NO

Lession#3: Love Vitamin-C

Why? I will not tell you the reason, Just squeeze one lemon or orange in the garbage disposal and you will love me or Vitamin C, when you will find that unpleasant odor has been eliminated

Lession#4: Cut them Small

Relax and be kind, cut the waste into small cubes and put only a few at a time. Or else you will clog or jam the disposal and no surprise even if you broke them altogether. So be wise

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