Do it Yourself Ice Maker Repair Tips

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if you suddenly realize your Ice Maker is not work properly? I do not know about you but most people would initially think of hiring a pro to repair it or buying a new one altogether. That is great but you might be force to part with good amount of your hard-earned cash. What you may not know is that DIY ice maker repair is possible and it is undoubtedly the cheapest option. Ice maker Repair

If you follow these simple and straightforward steps, you will have your ice maker working in just a few minutes if not hours. 


Diagnose the Problem

The first thing in Ice maker repair is to define the problem. The commonest problem is when the device fails to make ice. Other less common problems include the unit freezing up, or it refuses to stop making ice. You will learn DIY tips on how to correct the commonest ice maker problem. 


Fixing the Problem 

Step 1: Check the water supply. Water might not be arriving at the water valve when and as needed. Make sure the water supply works fine. Ice Maker Repair Help


Step 2: Check if the appliance’s fill tube is frozen. This sometime happens when ice back up around the mechanism. A good indication of a frozen tube is progressively smaller sized ice cubes. Defreeze the fill tube is that is the case.


Step 3: Find out if the ice mold is working fine by testing the ice maker’s motor. You may need to start the appliance manually but this requires you to be safe and comfortable working with electricity. Ice Maker Repair Services


Step 4: Check the ice maker’s water tap. In case the tap valve is faulty, water may not reach the machine from the supply pipe. Replace the tap valve if it has any faults. 


Step 5: Inspect the solenoid. The ice maker may not work appropriately because of defects in the solenoid. Make sure you switch off and unplug the refrigerator from the power source before inspecting the solenoid. A broken solenoid may need replacement. Ice Maker Repair Company


If these tips fail solve the problem then you may have to contact a pro.